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The Art of Choosing

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CreativityI saw this post by Hiro Boga on Facebook and it really resonated with me and will likely resonate with many of you since we are so similar.  My heart craves many things…to write, to speak, to travel, to sing, to explore, to commune…and yet much of my time is spent in my everyday space taking care of everyday tasks.  I have had many wonderful experiences and value challenging myself and continuing to try new things…learn new things…but much of the time, my daily life takes priority…the status quo of existence.

I’m not sure why that is and my heart desires something significantly different – I know that much.  I enjoy my daily life and I think that helps but I want more…much more.

I like what Hiro said about building the habit of creating, of learning, of growing into your daily life. I’m going to strive to do more of this moving forward.

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