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Luxury or Nourishment?

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The post Luxury or Nourishment? appeared first on and was written by Anahita Joon.

As I write this, I am nine months pregnant and I just hired the last person on my birth-care team, my postpartum doula. . .

Incase you don’t know what a postpartum doula does, she cares for the mamma to come back to herself. . .

In my case I have hired an ayurvedic one, who will make me ayurvedic foods (best for nourishing after birth) give me warm oil massage, bring me yoni steam baths so my body can be supported in it’s healing, wrap my belly to take help with the recovery of the empty space left after the baby is born and more…

Just as soon as she left, I heard my husband say: “ this is one luxurious birth experience….”

Hmmm… well… while I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and abundance that we have created that allows me this kind of care, I do not agree that this is exactly a luxury…

You see even a few years ago, when I was a little less solid in my nourishing of self and soul, I may have let this comment get a hold of me, embarrass me, or bring up my unworthiness…

I would have taken that comment to mean…

Who am I to?

Am I spending too much money?

Do I really need this?

To be a mom means to sacrifice, etc, etc….

Thankfully that most important question I have learned to ask myself while doing life, having a business, teaching and holding space for others, being a wife and friend has been

What will nourish me…?

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